More than 1000 luxurious fabrics

Each Made to Measure suit requires more than 200 unique operations from modelling,

automatically cutting each individual piece, sewing each piece from front

and back, pockets, sleeves, linings, collars, buttons, canvas, embroidered and

finally mounting all pieces together.


with your own name, pattern or logo

only for you


Make the right impression

Our rules of living:

Pay attention to details, details and details

More than 15 years of experience in apparel manufacturing. Company has a strong knowledge

and experience of production processes, products and markets in the menswear industry

area with long relationships with top worldwide fabric and accessories suppliers. 

Luxury lining and trims

Luxury lining and trims

Handmade buttonhole

Handmade buttonhole

Unique lining for you

Unique lining for you